Redefining the Golden Rule.

So Niice was born out of a love for unique jewelry that could be worn daily, good design, wanting to give gifts with no strings attached, and hearing the genuine exclamation that an act or a person's being was simply “so nice.” 

Founder, Cecilia Fernandez, has always had a passion for finding one-of-a-kind jewelry, with a bonus joy if it fit to her own sizing AND if she could wear it everyday without the piece losing its shine. Unable to find much that met all those qualities within an attainable price point, she decided to expand her self-taught jewelry and beadmaking skills from childhood to make the pieces she desired. Receiving compliments on her created pieces by friends and strangers—she'd then go as far as offering "the shirt off her back" aka "the bracelet off her wrist"— which provided the validation to move forward pursuing her passion journey. 

Furthermore, she wanted to be able to do good in the world and give back to a community in need. Tying a passion with a purpose bore “so niice” which vows to stand by high-quality jewelry (nothing less than 14k gold-filled) that empowers women, encourages sharing, and has a goal of one day making a bigger social impact.

As the golden rule states, “treat others how you would want to be treated” and So Niice encourages this with tangible golden pieces that serve as a reminder that you’re a nice person who deserves nice things and also treats others nicely.

So Niice is based out of San Diego, CA and draws inspiration from the coastal lifestyle with its easy-going and understated vibes.

We strive to not only redefine, but really just to live the golden rule.


Founder, Cecilia Fernandez, with her mother, Zenaida.


Founder, Cecilia Fernandez, with her mother, Zenaida.