What is “meaningful jewelry”?

At So Niice, we believe that jewelry far surpasses a trend; it is a personal choice, and it should be something that inspires you or reminds you of a certain moment - whether it be a “feel good” memory or potentially a time where you overcame a hard situation and made it through to a more positive outcome.

We want So Niice jewelry to remind you of your “why” in life. All pieces are made with thoughtful intention and source materials that can serve as everyday symbols of these moments. They are made with long-lasting materials so you can wear them everyday and whenever you catch a glimpse of your piece, you are taken back to that special moment or are reminded that you are on the right path of your life to pursue your passion.

What is gold-filled?

Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically electro-bonded to a base layer (usually copper or brass). This means the jewelry will not tarnish and will last longer. Depending on care, your pieces can last for 5-10 years.

It is also hypoallergenic (safe for people with sensitive skin) and can withstand exposure to water.


Can I wear my jewelry everyday and through any circumstance?

For the most part...yes! We're all busy living life, we get it and we get you! Most So Niice pieces should be fine for whatever adventure you're embarking on, the gym, a hike, a swim, running after children, even bed-time...So Niice wants to subtly be there with you keeping you in style and being a constant reminder of what you're on a mission to accomplish or passion to achieve.

Please take note, though, that there are some natural materials incorporated into So Niice pieces that may need a little extra care (will be listed in product descriptions), but other than that, 14k gold-filled will last you a long way.


How do I care for my pieces?

A soft cloth or brush comes in handy to daily wipe any debris, if needed. Every once in awhile, just rinse or place your pieces in a small bowl with warm water and a very mild soap. When you're not wearing your pieces, please place them in the jewelry pouch and box that was originally received with the order.


How long will it take to receive my order?

All items are made after your order is placed as we are currently a small business with big hopes to grow. Please allow at least 5-8 business days for us to process your order, give it a little extra love, and then ship it out to you ASAP (following the shipping option you selected at checkout).


Can I make a return?

As all pieces are made custom, we are not able to accept returns. However, we will work with you within the first 60 days after your order is received in case any sizing needs to be adjusted or unexpected damages occur. In that case, please reach out to hello@shopsoniice.com.


I see "custom" as an option for size on a lot of the bracelets, what does that mean?

At So Niice, we love when our bracelets ideally fit our size, slightly snug, but with just enough room to live. Since everyone is a different and beautiful size, we'd love to be able to accommodate that. You can simply take a piece of string, wrap it around your wrist, increase it about one fingertip space away, and measure it against a ruler. Select "custom" when placing your product in the cart, and write in the notes section at checkout the Product name and the size you would prefer!

Or, we can make mini sizes for your mini-me's...we adore a matching mommy and me moment!

Pricing may or may not be affected given the amount of material we use for your custom piece. In the case pricing needs to adjust, we will contact you promptly to let you know of any changes.


I love the pieces featured on the site, but can I get something extra special made?

Absolutely! This may be one of our favorite things to do at So Niice…create and collaborate! Do you have a special date, a monumental milestone you achieved, loved ones you want to keep close with you at all times? We can work with you to design something extra special within our current capabilities. Just head over to the Contacts page, fill out the form with your idea, and we’ll email you as soon as we can. Commissioned pieces may take up to a month as it becomes a one on one process (email communication and maybe a virtual meeting or two) so it’s best to plan ahead if you’re thinking of gifting this to someone! 

Check out our Instagram to see custom pieces we've created!

So Niice Fun Fact

So Niice has two i’s in the brand name not only to emphasize the verbal delivery of “nice” but mainly to represent two people interacting and sharing!