Find the right size bracelet for you. We've got two ways to help you determine the best fit for your new everyday piece.

Option 1: Paper Ruler

1.Print out the below ruler graphic (make sure you print it out at 100% and do not "scale to fit" on your page). 
  - You may need to open the image in a new tab or save the image to downloads.
  - Set your print format to Landscape.
2. Cut out the ruler graphic.
3. Measure by wrapping the cut out ruler around your wrist on the area where a bracelet would sit most comfortable. Remember to start your measurement at 0"!
4. Round up to the closest .5" or whole number. It's recommended to allow for an extra .25" for the final bracelet size to be a snug yet, breathable fit.
*Note: due to the variable lengths and widths of some of the materials used, there may be a tiny shift in the final product size, so please keep this in mind when choosing your bracelet size.

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Option 2: String

1. Take any loose piece of string and wrap it around your wrist.
2. Have one end of the string meet the point where a bracelet would fit the most comfortable on you. 
3. Mark that point with a pen or cut the string at the comfortable point.
4. Measure the new length of string against a ruler (starting at 0").